Sunday, May 31, 2015

Davis at 7 Months

I know that everyone says it, but these months are just flying by with you, Davis!  I feel like just when I hit publish on these monthly update posts, I blink and then it's time for me to be taking more pictures!!

Here is what you are up to these days.

*  You are nursing 4 times a day, with your final feeding at 7pm or so.  You are on a pretty good 4 hour schedule with nursing, although you are easily distracted if I'm nursing you and there is a lot of noise.  You've also begun to use me as a teething ring at times.  You think it's the funniest thing, but I'm working on teaching you to EAT rather than play.  I'm hoping we can master that sooner than later!  Ouch!

*  You are doing well with your solids and seem to like most everything we've been giving you.  I think we have added most basic foods at this point and so far, there aren't any allergies.  I've been offering you small {and soft} pieces of banana and little puffs {in addition to the purees} for you to practice picking them up and feeding yourself, but no luck just yet.  You can pick up the puffs, but haven't figured out how to get them in your mouth.  

*  You are sleeping well, although you continue to wake up between 6-7am, just a smidge earlier than I'd like.  Some mornings, I can nurse you and then put you back down for another hour or so, but some mornings you are definitely up and ready for the day!  I'm not sure what that's all about, but I'm trying not to let it bug me too much.

*  You are napping pretty well.  You take 2 naps consistently {anywhere from 1.5-2 hours each} and then I sometimes put you down for a little catnap around 5pm {for about 30-45 minutes} in case you are really tired and cranky.  We have been home more since school ended for the summer, so you've been getting more consistent naps in your bed.

*  You are wearing size 4 diapers.

*  You weighed 20 pounds and measured 29 inches long at your recent check up.  Your new doctor said you were growing just fine.

*  You are wearing 9-12 months clothes now.  I finally pulled out all the summer clothes and got your drawers and closet all organized with things that fit.  I love all the little bodysuits for summer!

*  You are definitely a busy little guy.  You roll over constantly if you are on the floor and spend quite a bit of time on your tummy trying to scoot places and get things that are within your reach.  You are getting better and better with sitting up, although I still like to be near you when you are sitting up on the floor in case you get wobbly.

*  You really enjoy your Exersaucer and love to play with the little toys on it.  You also adore the Johny Jump Up.  We didn't use it as much with the older kids, but I'm so glad we kept it for you because you LOVE it.  You love jumping up and down in it and just hanging out.  It's great for when I'm bathing the kids or need to tend to someone else.

*  You are overall a really happy baby.  You love to be held, but also love your time to explore too.  You laugh and giggle when we tickle you or when your siblings play with you.  You love to be where the action is!

*  You are still drooling quite a bit and I swear that a tooth is going to pop out any day now {although I've been saying that for a while now}.  You are still a thumb sucker, which is so helpful when you need to soothe yourself.  It's also really cute, too.

*  You continue to babble a good bit and I even heard the words Da-da come out of your mouth.  I know it's just baby talk, but I still think it's funny how those are usually the first "words" when Ma-ma carried you for all that time!

*  You are back up in your room with Savannah.  Even though you do sometimes wake up earlier than I'd like, it doesn't seem to be bothering her at all.  She either doesn't wake up at all or just rolls over and goes back to sleep.  I like the new crib bedding that I got for you, but still want something to put above your crib.

*  You are doing great health wise.  You did so well with your outpatient surgery a couple of weeks ago.  They didn't even have to put in an IV - nitrous oxide knocked you out long enough to take care of it.  You have healed up really well.  The doctor said the original circumcision looked great and he didn't need to do anything to correct it.  He just had to separate some skin that had re-attached.  Your eye "goop" has also gone away. I guess the little massages worked or it just decided to clear up on its own.

* * * * * * 

Davis, You are such a sweet little guy and I can't believe how quickly you are growing.  You are still very much my baby, but those newborn days are long gone.  You are all over the floor and soon to be crawling and I just want to soak up every minute of it!  I love you more than I can express, Davis John!  I don't know what the future holds, but I'm totally content with the idea that you have completed our family.  I always knew that I wanted to parent a third child, but I am so thankful God chose to give me that desire.  You have been a true blessing and I can't wait to see what is in store!  

* * * * * *

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Ways We Save: Making Baby Food

One of the things I have enjoyed about nursing is that it is FREE!  I know that it's not an option for everyone, but I make sure to enjoy the money savings for as long as I can.  While moving to solids does mean an increase in costs for feeding baby, switching over to solids doesn't have to necessarily break the bank.

Now that our littlest one is eating solid foods, I thought it made sense to include this way we save for today's post.  Let me start off saying that I do not make all of our baby food all of the time.  As much as I'd like to, there are just some times when it's not possible, and I'm totally okay with that.  Making your own baby food does not make you super mom.

There are at least 2 times when I do not make my own baby food.

Introducing a new food
I do not make my own baby food when introducing a new food.  I use store bought so that I can determine if there are any allergies first.  I'd hate to make a batch of it and then find out there was some allergic reaction.

On vacation or out of town
I do not make my own baby food when we are on vacation or when we are travelling out of town.  Even though it does save money, there are some times when the convenience of store bought is worth it to me.

I always keep a little bit of store bought food on hand just in case life gets busy and I run out of homemade food before I can make more.  With two older children, I'm already fairly certain I won't have as much time to spend on this, but we will see.

Here's the basic rundown of what I do and do not make homemade.

Foods that I do not make
- rice cereal {we don't use this much except for when we are just starting out}
- applesauce {we buy this for the older kids anyway}
- bananas {we just mush these up}
- meats

Foods that I sometimes make
- pears
- peaches

It's not hard to make fruit purees, but it is more time consuming because you have to peel everything and you need a lot of fruit to make a substantial amount.  It also depends on what is in season and how expensive the fruits are when you are making your food.

Foods that I usually make
- sweet peas/green beans
- carrots {can follow the same method as for green veggies}
- sweet potatoes/squash
- prunes

I have read that it is important to use organic carrots when making purees - to avoid any nitrates that might come from the soil - so please consider doing your research before starting out.

Overall, we keep things pretty simple when it comes to baby food.  We typically just go for single ingredient foods.  I think about the way I eat my foods and then mimic that for baby.  I have never eaten squash mixed with fruit, so I have never felt inclined to feed that to our babies, for example.  There's nothing wrong with it, but I just don't do it that way. Maybe I should?  And I can't bring myself to feed our babies pureed meats...just can't do it.  :-(

Also, I think of purees as a bridge food, so I don't go crazy with this.  We start working on the pincer grasp and then begin moving towards soft table foods. {Our pediatrician has always said if we can mush it with our fingers, then baby can gum it and should be fine, but check with your doctor}.

I was really surprised at how easy it is to make your own baby food.  The costs of diapers and {possibly} formula are high enough as it is, so I really love saving a little money on baby food when I can.


* * * * * *

Do you make your own baby food? 

Monday, May 18, 2015

Brady at 2.5 Years

This post is about a month overdue, but I definitely need to document what our little 2.5 year old has been up to recently.  He has been keeping us on our toes lately, but his cuteness keeps me going when I want to give up and give in!

Here is what you are to these days, little man.

*  You are doing great drinking from a cup and it's been quite a while since you've used a sippy cup.  I'm keeping a few for your little brother, but I've done some purging of cups recently to make more cabinet space.  You drink mostly milk and water.  You love my sodas {when you sneak sips of them when I'm not looking} and juice is like dessert to you.

*  You are not the worst eater in the world, but you certainly are pickier than what we were used to with you sister when she was your age.  We've decided that we are not going to allow your picky eating to be a battle.  We serve you what we are all eating and it's your choice whether or not to eat it.  I try to serve things that you like {you like almost all fruits and quite a few veggies}, but I also don't shy away from things I know you will likely not eat that are healthy for you and that we are eating.  We do have a rule that you must eat a little bit of everything on your plate if you want any treats for dessert.  We don't have dessert every night, but you have missed out on many a treat because of your unwillingness to try what it on your plate {who doesn't like baked ziti?}.

*  Your sleeping habits have been a challenge recently.  You have always been a lighter sleeper, but a few months ago is when you started to not sleep as well.  It started out that you would wake up in the middle of the night and we would just go in your room and put you back down {you were still in your crib}.  You would go right back to sleep, so it wasn't overly concerning.  Once you were able to climb out of your crib, things got worse.  This is when you started to boycott sleep, sometimes throwing huge tantrums.  We sped up the process of switching you over to a twin bed because you were bruising yourself with all the climbing out of your crib.  Now you are in a twin bed and we are in the midst of "Bedtime Boot Camp."  We put you down at 7:30pm, but sometimes it's an hour or so later before you are actually in bed asleep {sometimes you pop up at 10pm or 1 am}.  We have always done a night time routine to help you settle for the night and I'm convinced at this point that this is you exercising your will.

*  You are still napping for about 1.5-2 hours during the day - usually from 1:30-3:00pm.  You sometimes try to get out of bed at nap time, but it's nothing terrible most days {maybe once or twice before you get the hint}.    

*  You are still wearing size 5 diapers, but I'm hoping to potty train you at the end of the summer after vacation in July.  I'm not going to even consider potty training you though until we have bedtime figured out.  There is no way my nerves can handle both - that would be cray-zee!

*  You are wearing a mixture of sizes - both 2T and 3T.  You still wear 2T for most of your shorts, but some of your t-shirts are looking a little short, so you'll probably need some 3T t-shirts to get you through summer.  You are still wearing lots of hand-me-downs, which is great!  I just have to add here and there since you mostly have what you need.  You are wearing a size 8.5 shoe.

*  You have all 20 teeth.  Your final 2 year molar took it's time, but it finally emerged a couple of months ago.  You like brushing your teeth and we are trying to work with you on rinsing and spitting.

*  You have officially tested out of speech therapy.  It was bittersweet since we have loved your therapist, but it means that you're progressing, which is what it's all about!

*  You are a busy boy and love to be active!  You love to be outside and climb on anything and everything.  You love playgrounds and surprise me with your lack of fear on some of the tall slides and swings.  You are really enjoying our sandbox in the backyard.  It's been covered all winter and you ask to go play in it a lot during the day.

*  You also love to play quietly by yourself sometimes.  When Savannah is at school, you love to play with your toys, figurines, or trains.  It's funny to watch you line up your cars in a straight line.  You also love puzzles and have impressed me quite a bit with your ability to put them together so quickly.  For a while there, you would sit at the kitchen table to do the same puzzles over and over again.

*  You also like to color with markers and crayons.  You don't stay in the lines much, but you do enjoy "scribbling."  You enjoy painting with watercolors too.

*  You love being silly and dancing to music.  I don't hear it a ton, but you have the sweetest little voice that I love hearing sing to songs.  We often will sing a song together before nap time and bedtime and it's so precious.  

*  You and your sister continue to have a love/hate relationship and it's been tough for me to figure out how to encourage you to both get along with one another.  I have to remind myself that we are teaching big concepts and that it can take years to grasp them!  Parenting is not for the faint of heart, right?  At least there are sweet moments on occasion when I see you kissing and hugging, so I know there is hope!

*  You are becoming quite a helper around the house.  When prompted, you will help put your dishes on the counter or your cup in the sink.  You also do a good job of cleaning up when you have someone to help keep your from getting distracted.  It's so nice to have helpers around!

*  You visited the cleft clinic in the fall and everything seems to be going just fine.  Your ear tubes are still in, so we were told to keep an eye out for any possible issues with puss or draining.  Apparently, problems can arise when they are in for 2 years or more so we will keep an eye on that but all seems to be okay so far.  

* * * * * *

Brady Wayne,
I have to be honest and confess that this has been a tough phase for me.  It has been a challenge to "figure you out" and it's had me second guessing myself, but we continue to pray that God will give us wisdom in each and every moment.  I am so thankful that God is allowing me to learn and grow by being your Mommy.  Sometimes I have to remind myself of that when situations are emotionally charged and patience is fleeting.  :-)  While you are my second little boy, you are the first one that I've ever raised so I have a lot to learn and I need lots of grace.  We love you Brady and can't wait to see what God has in store for you!


* * * * * *

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