Monday, July 6, 2015

July Goals

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I figured that June would be busy, so I didn't even make goals.  My main goal was survival - HA!  

But, before I jump back into goal setting for July, here's how things went for May/June.

1.  Put away all winter clothes.
I went ahead and crossed this off, although I was only able to complete this for the kid's clothes {which is still a pretty significant undertaking}.  I'd still like to work on mine and Kevin's clothes, but I'm sort of doing this slowly as time permits.  I need to do a major clothing purge at some point, but I've cleared out some items and opened up some room in my dresser which has helped for now.

2.  Finish reading Raising Your Spirited Child*
Since bedtime boot camp has been in session, recreational reading has been non existent lately.  I picked this up once Kevin got back home and I had some time, but I still have a bit to go until I'm finished.  It's over 400 pages, but I'm determined to finish it up because it's been a good read.

3.  Have a date night with Kevin.
I honestly can't even remember whether we made this happen or not.  I think we may have done an at-home date night because I'm pretty sure we didn't go out by ourselves before Kevin had to report to his training.  We did enjoy some family outings though, which was still great.

4.  Paint the upstairs bath closet & pick a date for Dad to come down and install bead board.
Still not done.  Ugh!  :-(

5.  Schedule some play dates for early June. 
I didn't really schedule these ahead of time during the month of May, but I'm going to mark this one off since we did have some play dates in June.  

6.  Get paperwork in for new pediatrician & schedule appointments for Brady and Davis. 
This was 100% completed!  Brady and Davis had their well visits with our new pediatrician and I was very pleased.  It's a small practice, which I really loved.  

7.  Make my necklace board.
No progress on this one either.  :-(

8.  Fill in any "holes" in the kid's summer wardrobe. 
I was able to pick up a couple of items that we needed to get us through summer, so that felt good.  I'm sure things might come up here or there, but I feel like we should be good to go for the most part.

* * * * * *

Here is my plan for July goals.

1.  Have a date night with Kevin.
Our 12 year anniversary is this month, so we need to make this one happen.  If we can't get it in before we head out for vacation, then perhaps we can convince some loving grandparents to babysit for us while we are with them.  :-)

2.  Have a mommy/son date with Brady.

I'm craving some time with this little guy.  After a hard couple of months with bedtime boot camp, I feel like he's made some great progress.  Even if we hadn't made any progress, I'd still want some special time with him.

3.  Finish reading Raising Your Spirited Child* {try to read Made to Crave*}.
This is a long book, but it's filled with some really interesting info that could apply to most anyone {whether you would consider your child "spirited" or not}.  I am hoping to spend a little time reading this before bed each night so that I can get it finished and possibly squeeze in Made to Crave* before I have to return both of them to the library at the end of the month.  I'm out of library renewals.  :-(

4.  Repair any interior damage from roof leak.

In case you missed it, we got a new roof!  It was not in the plans, but God has a way of letting us know when certain repairs need to happen ahead of our own schedule.  We are very pleased with the roof, but need to see what damage might have occurred in the ceiling.  I'm hoping it will be minimal, if anything at all.  Hopefully we caught it before anything major happened, but we'll see when we take a look.

5.  Paint the upstairs bath closet & schedule a time for Dad to install bead board.

This just needs to happen already.

6.  Sell at least 3 items that have been collecting dust & put money in savings.
We're trying to de-clutter and make a little extra money at the same time.  Our savings accounts {slush fund and emergency fund} took a little bit of a hit in order to avoid debt from our new roof, so we'd like to replace that money as soon as possible.  I'm thankful for our savings, but I still HATE taking money out!  

7.  Make my necklace board.

Again, this needs to happen.  My necklaces are a cluttered mess on my dresser and they need to find a home on my pretty necklace board.

8.  Shop sales to stock up on summer items that are getting low.
Ever since the baby was born, it's been harder to stay on top of my stockpile.  I'm doing okay, but I'd like to take at least 1 hour each week to scour sale ads and shop specifically for summer sale items.  There were some great sales on berries at Aldi, so now is the time to stock up!  

There you have it.  I'll report back at the end of the month to let you know how I did!

* * * * * *

What are your goals this month?

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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Life Lately

It's been way too long since I've posted.  June was a complete whirlwind, really.  Kevin was away for the whole month, training for his job in the National Guard, so my main goal was survival {I've got a while post swirling in my head about what I learned during his absence}.

Now that he's home and is not teaching summer school, I'm hoping the rest of the summer will be filled with family time and a little more blogging.

Here's the rundown on what we were up to this past month.

The first week of June was our first week without Daddy, so it was our "adjustment" week.  I quickly threw out any ideas of accomplishing anything other than keeping my children alive and keeping myself sane - HA!  We enjoyed some play dates with friends, but later in the week, I discovered a roof leak {water was dripping through my light above my sink!}.  I was pretty impressed that I didn't totally freak out, but calmly tried to problem solve.  Luckily, a large bucket in the attic helped get us by for a while until I could get a roofer out.

Bedtime boot camp continued {and maybe even got a little worse} with a certain toddler and it WORE ME OUT.  Most nights during this week, I collapsed into bed around 10pm and was lucky if I could chat with Kevin for maybe 5 minutes before drifting off to sleep.

I spent the second week of June in Baltimore visiting with my family.  I figured it would give us something to look forward to and help break up the month a little bit.  I also was looking forward to some extra hands to help with the kiddos.

The week was pretty simple, but it was exactly what we needed.  I think I went to Wegmans three separate times with different family members.  I did get to attend a wedding, went on a date night with Savannah, and met up with a friend from high school and another from college.  It was a lot of fun catching up with people!

The third week of June was spent back home getting roof estimates and dealing with sore throats.  It's always a little crazy getting back into a routine when you've been away for a while.  Thankfully, bedtime boot camp was slowing down and our middle man was learning that bedtime was not going to be something that was negotiated.

The kids didn't get to enjoy a Father's Day with their Daddy, but we did get to enjoy it with my father.  We met up half way and had a nice lunch together {along with the rest of the families in America}.  :-)

At that lunch meeting, my niece hopped in my car and came back home with us.  She was my "mother's helper" for most of that week, which turned out to be an enormous help.  We had some fun outings to the Children's Museum, the play area at the mall, and to feed the docks around the lake at my alma mater.

I also really enjoyed introducing her to the Love Comes Softly* movies in the evenings once the kids were in bed.  The girl time with my niece was very special.  

Kev arrived home at the end of the 4th week and I could not have been more happy to see him.  I completely crashed the days after he arrived home.  I think my body had been running on adrenaline for the entire month and it was finally able to relax once he pulled up to the house.

I'd like to sit here and say that it wasn't as bad as I had thought, but I'm not sure that would be completely honest.  It was really hard {I applaud single moms and widows with young children - you are my heroes!}.  There were moments when I had to "self talk" to keep myself from loosing it.  But, at the same time, there were also really great moments with the children.  We were in it together.

I was also really blessed and loved on my our neighbors and friends.  I had friends babysit my children so I could run errands alone, invite us over to eat for dinner {and then send us home with food for another separate meal}, mow the yard while I was away, and stop in to hang out with me so I could have some adult interaction.  I felt loved by many people and I know it was God's way of taking good care of me.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Davis at 8 Months

This month has been a lot of fun.  You are starting to get closer to mobility, so life is about to get even crazier {but fun too}!

Here is what you are up to these days.

*  You are still nursing 4 times a day, with your first feeding between 6:45-7am and your final feeding around 7pm.  You seem to be doing great on a 4 hour schedule.  You are still very distracted with others in the room, so I've started nursing away from everyone so we can get down to business and move on with our day!  :-)

*  You are still enjoying solids and still eat everything we have offered you.  I typically do oatmeal with fruit for breakfast, yellow veggie/fruit for lunch, and then a green veggie/oatmeal/fruit for dinner.  You are still practicing your pincer reflex and can pick things up, but are still working on getting them in your mouth!  It's fun to watch you work at it.

*  You are sleeping really well at night, although you still wake a little earlier than I'd like.  I am shooting for your wake up time to be around 7:30am {or 7am at the earliest}, but you often wake up between 6:30-6:45am.  It's not the end of the world.

*  You are napping fairly well.  Your morning nap has become a little inconsistent, but I think it's teething related.  I also need to really watch your wake time in the morning.  I find that if I let you stay up longer than 1.5 hours in the morning, your morning nap is usually short {only 45 minutes}.  Your afternoon nap is going strong at 2 hours and sometimes longer if you don't nap well in the morning.  We have dropped the "catnap" in the early evening and  you seem totally fine.

*  You are still going strong with size 4 diapers.

*  Your 9-12 months clothes fit you perfectly and it's been so fun seeing your fat rolls this summer!

*  You are super busy and don't stay in one spot for long.  You go from your back, to your tummy, to sitting up, and back to any combination of those within seconds.  You've been up on your hands and knees and doing some rocking, so I think crawling is just a matter of time.  You are technically mobile, that is if scooting counts.  :-)

*  You are sitting up pretty well now too, so it's fun to stick a basket of toys in front of you and let you have some fun.  You still enjoy the Exersaucer and Johny Jump Up as well, especially when I need you "contained."

 *  You continue to be a really happy baby.  You love to be with people and smile when we tickle you or when your siblings play with you.  They absolutely adore you!  You love to make noises and talk when you get excited.

*  You are still toothless, but I know they are coming soon.  You love to chew on things and drool is still in full force.  I'm ready for those teeth of yours to pop through!  You still love sucking your thumb.  It's nice that you can soothe yourself and it also helps me to know when you are getting sleepy.

* * * * * *

You continue to be a true delight.  You seem to be in a pretty good routine and I'm enjoying it while it lasts because I'm sure you will change things up on me as soon as I type this post.  I love seeing your little personality begin to emerge the older you get, but I already get sad looking back at your newborn pictures.  You are growing too fast and I can't believe how quickly you are approaching your first birthday.  We love you to pieces, littlest man!  

* * * * * *
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