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Weekly Focus Room: First Floor Bathroom

A couple of weeks ago, I introduced a concept called my weekly focus room.
{Click HERE and HERE to see the rooms I've tackled so far and why I came up with the idea.}

This week's room didn't get as much attention as I would have liked, but I was able to get some extended time in there later in the weekend.  I had things going on almost every morning this past week, so extra time was limited.  And since it's the end of the month, I didn't have any extra money to spend on it either.  I'm hoping to work on some organizational things and maybe purchase some decor items next time.

The room definitely needed some extra attention though, so I'm glad I was able to get some things done on it.  

My Third Room:  First Floor Bathroom

Our first floor bathroom is currently the only operating bathroom in our home.  We have a bathroom on the second floor of the house, but we are in the process of putting it all back together after having to gut it before moving into this house 2 years ago.  Since we ended up doing a lot of other unplanned renovations on the first floor, we ended up running out of time and money and so the second floor bath hasn't been finished yet.  We're slowly trying to tackle it as money becomes available.  Needless to say, being that the first floor bath is the only functioning bathroom, it gets dirty quickly.    

Here are some before pictures.

You can't tell much from this shot, but it definitely needed a good cleaning and a little organizing.

The shower tile wasn't in bad shape because Kev and I have been doing well with our daily ritual.  It really does help keep the soap scum at bay on the tile and takes less than 1 minute each day.  Give it a try if you dare!

The tub itself needed some work and the shower liner was pretty "scummy."

The inside of one of the medicine cabinets {there is 1 on either side of the mirror over our pedestal sink} needed to be wiped down and organized a bit.

What can I really say about this?  Toothpaste on the sink drain - yuck!

I chose the first floor bathroom for this week's focus room because it does get so much use and it really needed a good cleaning.  I do my best to keep it from getting real bad, but there are just some weeks when it's really quick.  It really needed some extra attention, so I dove right in.  Like the rest of our 1940's home, it's small, or cozy, depending on how you look at it.  

Again, this week, I mostly stuck to the basics.

Here are the after pictures.

You can't tell from this shot, but I decided to wash the shower curtain and the cafe curtain on the window.  The cafe curtain was pretty dusty and had never been washed, so it looked more "fresh" afterwards.

I did clean the shower tile, floor tile, and tub, but like I said, the shower tile wasn't bad at all.

I found an article on Pinterest about how to clean a vinyl shower liner and I was pleased that it actually worked.  The website said to let it soak in the detergent/vinegar solution for 2 hours before continuing the laundry cycle, but I was in a hurry and only let it soak for 1 hour.  It still came out great!  No more orange scum and I was thankful it meant I didn't have to spend money on a new liner!  :-)

I pulled everything out of this medicine cabinet, wiped it all down, and then re-organized a little bit when I put the items back in.  Next time, I'd like to put some shelf liner down and buy a couple of containers from the Dollar store to help with organization.  But, for now it looks better that it's been straightened up a bit.

Yeah!  The toothpaste is gone.  :-)  I try to keep the sink wiped down on a daily basis so it doesn't get too bad, but sometimes I can't keep up!  

I also dusted the light fixtures above the sink and cleaned the mirror.  I am the world's worst about dusting, so it looks so much better!

This is the medicine cabinet and towel bar to the right of the sink.  With the door open, it's covered, so it isn't visible as you are looking into the bathroom.  Next time, I'm hoping to invest in some extra towels in a contrasting color and perhaps a small towel rod for hand towels closer to the sink.  

I'd like to also add some decorative touches to the bathroom, specifically on the well on the left as you walk in but also behind the toilet and maybe on top of the medicine cabinets.  I'll need to keep things simple so that it doesn't make the space look cluttered.  

I'd ultimately love some sort of paneling or beadboard to help protect the walls, but that's definitely not high on the project list.  Right now, I'm just glad it's all cleaned up and a little more organized.    

This week's focus room:  Living Room

I'll report back next Monday to show you how it went.  

* * * * * *

How often do you clean your bathrooms?

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Friday, July 25, 2014

Frugal Fashion Friday: A Frugal Fashion Website & Other Fun Stuff

Happy Friday!

If you are looking to find some great deals on clothes, you seriously need to be out shopping for next year's spring/summer wardrobe NOW!  I was out with a good friend the other day and it's so much fun to see things on clearance and then oftentimes with additional markdowns on those clearance prices {we hit up a local thrift store, Chico's, White House/Black Market, and Marshalls - so fun!  I was just tagging along, but it was just another confirmation that it is totally possible to find amazing deals on brand new clothes.  

Speaking of saving on brand new clothes, I wanted to pass along a website that I recently discovered.  Nikki at Fashion Finds on a Dime is all about helping women to find great deals on the brand-name clothes they love.  Check it out if you are looking for some inspiration.  Sounds like she could be a professional frugal fashionista, if there were such a thing.  Check her out HERE!

I think I've mentioned here that I'm definitely becoming more and more into accessories, but specifically jewelry.  I used to hardly ever wear it, but now I really love looking for cute {and affordable} new pieces to add to my jewelry collection.  Earrings are my favorite, but I'm starting to expand my necklace collection.  I haven't done much with bracelets or rings, but I'll probably get there eventually.  Anyway, when I heard that Cents of Style was including jewelry bags in this week's Fashion Friday deal, I definitely wanted to pass it along to you.    


Cents of Style has a great deal on their jewelry holders.
Today only {7/25}, you can choose between 10 different styles of fabric, hangable jewelry organizers on sale for $12.00 & FREE shopping with the coupon code JULY101.  With the purchase of a jewelry organizer, you will be offered a FREE pair of rainbow stud earrings at checkout.

IMAGE: Fashion Friday-7/25/14-Jewelry Holder & FREE EARRINGS- $12.00 & FREE SHIPPING w/ Code JULY101

These could make some great gifts for your female friends!  

IMAGE: Fashion Friday-7/25/14-Jewelry Holder & FREE EARRINGS- $12.00 & FREE SHIPPING w/ Code JULY101


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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Being the Wife I Pray For

I love to rock and snuggle my little boy before putting him down for the night. It’s one of my favorite times of the day, not just because it means some downtime for this tired mom, but mostly because I know how quickly those moments will pass. He’s currently 21 months, so it’s becoming harder and harder to get those snuggles, but I still try.  Our little routine usually includes a book, at least one song, and then a prayer.

My prayers for him include all sorts of things – for his safety and protection, for a tender heart that is receptive to the Gospel, and oftentimes for his future spouse.

This particular day, my prayers focused on his future spouse. I went through some of the different qualities that I hope he finds in his marriage partner – an encourager, respecter, defender of his reputation, helper, cheerleader, and a safety net – and then it was like the Holy Spirit dropped the hammer on me.

Am I those things for his Daddy?

Oh, I want to be, but am I?

More than likely, my husband’s mother prayed the same prayers for him. I shudder to think that I may not be the answer to those prayers that she prayed. In that moment, I was humbled beyond belief.

Reminded of what my primary role is between that of wife and mother. My role as wife comes first, but does it really?

It’s no secret that having children can put a strain on a marriage. Marriage is challenging enough as it is, but adding on the role of mother? The weight of the responsibility can be heavy and feel insurmountable at times.

I know that my role as wife to Kevin is THE most important role I have, but it doesn’t always play itself out that way when my little ones are screaming for my attention just as their father walks in the door. My young children can be demanding and they aren’t quiet when their needs aren’t being met.

I admit it, I am guilty of letting the needs of my husband fall to the wayside simply because his voice isn’t as loud as his children’s. And while I know it’s not even possible for me to fulfill my husband’s every need, I want to be the best wife for him that I can be. I want to be the wife that I pray for {for my son}.

So, in that bring-me-to-my-knees moment before putting my son down for the night, I recommitted myself to my marriage. I want my children to observe a healthy and strong marriage {notice I didn’t say perfect?}, and through that, to see Jesus.

It sounds good on paper, but how on earth am I supposed to really do it? I have clearly not arrived, but here’s what I think is vital to prioritizing and nurturing my marriage.

1. Spend time with Jesus {and in His word} regularly.
There’s no way I can do this wife and mom thing within my own strength. I need Jesus to transform my thinking and I can’t become more like Jesus without being in regular communication with him. It’s that simple. I NEED Jesus to convict me and teach me how to be the wife I need to be for my husband.

2. Make time each day for intentional communication/listening.
I won’t know what my husband needs unless I listen. Oftentimes, so much of our communication is just information dumping, and while that is sometimes necessary, it’s important to make time for intentional and deliberate communication and listening.

3. Pray for him often.
It’s hard for me to not think about the things that I am praying about. If I’m being intentional about praying for someone or something, it’s probably safe to say that the person or thing is on my mind throughout the day as well. I want for my husband to be on my mind a lot and praying for him is just one way to ensure that he is at the forefront of my thoughts.

The task of being a wife and mother is more than a woman can fulfill on her own. It’s only through the power and equipping of the Holy Spirit that we get any of it right. And while I know that I’ll never be perfect, I want to be the wife that I pray for.

* * * * * *

What about you?

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